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Debaj is dedicated to presenting high-end islamic clothing to all fashion lovers of the world. We specialize in creating one of a kind, hand made Luxury Islamic Abayas for ladies of all ages according to each clients preferences. Our pieces are made by well known designer Ms. Huda keeping in mind our clients taste and preferences and working together with a team throughout the entire processes to create pieces that are unique, elegant and timeless.Debaj started a few years ago and was re-branded in November 2012 quickly becoming noticed by big names such as The Luxury Network and Design Creationz.

Debaj’s very first photo shoot, on October 17, 2012 was in the glamorous presidential suite of the St. Regis Hotel-Doha.In December 2013, when The Luxury Network invited Debaj to become a partner due to the brand’s striking success and luxurious standards. We put on our first event as partners at the Rizon Jet Terminal which provides private/chartered luxury flights from the Middle East.At the event, Debaj proudly launched the Princess Sahab bint Abduallah collection authorized by Princess of Saudi Arabia herself.

Only two months later on the catwalk of Luxos, Debaj displayed her flawless Spring/Summer Islamic Line.Luxury made for Qatar, on June 1st, 2013 once again joined partners - Debaj and The Luxury Network - at The Crown Plaza Hotel in Doha, launched the glittery evening collection and this time six limited edition pieces became the sparkle of Doha’s eye. The Oriental Limited Edition line.

Most recently, in July 2013 and 2014, at the elegant Laha Trunk Show, Qatar, Debaj showcased Autumn/Winter13 and Spring/Summer'14 to a select group of VIP and VVIP invitees. As a creative designer Huda presented SS14, inspired from Marakkech School of Art and culture, the collection describes the story of art school in ancient Marakkech civilization which has successfully perfected the art of expressing herself using that creativity.

In February 13-22, 2014, we presented our SS14 in IFS2014 (International fashion week 2014) beside London fashion week and In March 2014 we participated in Vogue Harrods Festival 2014 at South bank center, Queen Elizabeth Room.

Growing up artistic is something Debaj’s owner knows well and lately she sketched for Autumn/Winter’14 a beautiful Parisian Collection showcased Debaj Girl in Paris at the most beautiful Iconic Eiffel Tower with Global Fashion organizer, J Model Management.

Debaj Collection is proud to present its Autumn Winter’15 Parisian Collection debuting in Paris for the first time and the very first catwalk on the top of the Eiffel Tower on Friday 31st October 2014.

Debaj Collection, Luxury Abaya Designer, Huda with a love of Parisian nature showcased outside Middle East for the first time. Her Beautiful collection made up of 15 exquisite hand made capes and abayas inspired from Parisian Floral Art with the finest French Velvet , Italian Organza and Crepe duchesse.The floral art on chic velvet and finest organza fabric embellished in different colors, inspired from French gardens, mixed with Oriental touch to present a unique and sophisticated look were more exciting for french fashion world. This exclusive Parisian art of Huda,will give the feelings of French elegance and class in French fashion world. AW’15 collection which has been showcased on Eiffel tower were photo shooted on Parisian beautiful and historical backgrounds of Four Season George V, and added the outdoor view of Arch de Triomphe, Louvre Pyramids, Alexandre Bridge III, Fountain La Concorde and the Iconic Eiffel Tower.

Debaj Collection always choose unique and finest quality of material for each pieces of abayas with creative art and inspiration. Recently in Florence, Debaj collection Spring Summer’15 Baroque collection inspired from Italian Historic Art were photo shooted at Four Seasons Hotel, Firenze, Italy.

The name Debaj has become synonymous with, exceptional quality and tradition and glamorous fashion. Because of the exclusive designs and it’s patent pending method of fabric tailoring, each abaya is not only made to order and to fit like a glove but tailored to it’s owner and brings with it the feelings of elegance and excellence infused with class.